Anyone first contemplating the prospect of keeping an owl, or any bird of prey, should
have the correct knowledge and confidence to able look after and care for their bird correctly. On looking into taking up this hobby, it is easy to feel a little overwhelmed with the unique terminology, equipment and training used in the management of birds of prey. Our expert staff will guide you through all of the initial steps of handling, training, housing, healthcare and equipment, leaving you ready to get the best from your bird and helping your bird get the best from you.
The course is designed to give you the relevant information so you are competent and confident to give your new bird the best start. Your newly acquired knowledge and understanding will give you the potential to succeed in any chosen route you plan to take your bird. Be it handling, breeding or flying; we'll cover all topics during your time with us.
Being a display centre, we have the ability to cover many species and get lots of “hands on” with a variety of species. Being in this environment though does mean that we do not have the ability to train in the true art of falconry and hunting but this course is more based around the initial stages of purchasing your first bird, housing, husbandry and handling, weight management, flying on the creance and free flying. Our arena is a 100ft poly-tunnel, which is where all of our flying takes place, so the courses aren’t weather dependant.
We can tailor courses to suit your individual needs. Be it a 1 day course covering certain topics if you already have a bird and want to learn more, or a 3 day intensive course, taking you from complete novice to furnish you with all the information you will need to get you started.
Courses start from £99 for a 1 day course. Please phone 01406 372840 to discuss your individual needs to work out the best course for you.


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