Owl Encounter


An amazing experience for any owl enthusiast. This encounter gives the participant a chance to get really “hands on” with a wide variety of different owl species from around the world.

The session begins with an introduction to Baytree Owl and Wildlife Centre and a tour of the aviary complex, followed by a brief instruction in how to handle the birds. The guests then get to don a glove and have a go at flying and handling a mixture of the owls from the display team.

Species vary throughout the season but you can guarantee that the recipient will create a memory they will never forget with this perfect gift for that special person.

The encounters run all year round and have a 6 month validity to the voucher.



Price - £35.00 per person

Duration 1 ½ hours

Ages 14 and over     

Maximum of 4 guests in a group

Spectators - £5.00 per person. Includes admittance to the owl and wildlife centre

 Bird of Prey Experience


A perfect gift for any bird enthusiast. With the opportunity to be flying up to 6 different birds, this action packed 90 minutes will give you a truly unforgettable experience. This encounter comprises some of the variety of species we have here at the centre. Guests may be flying a hawk, an owl, a falcon, a buzzard and maybe a species that isn’t even a bird of prey at all.

Price - £35.00 per person

Duration 1 ½ hours

Ages 14 and over     

Maximum of 4 guests in a group

Spectators - £5.00 per person. Includes admittance to the owl and wildlife centre

Family Encounter

A great way to get the family together. An hour long session for two adults and two children aged 4-14. Great fun and a chance for some great photos.

Price - £75.00 per person

Duration 1  hour

Ages 4 and over     

Additional places - £20.00 per person. Includes admittance to the owl and wildlife centre

Photography Days

This 3 hour session has been specially designed to give photographers an opportunity to capture the image of birds of prey and owls up close in different habitats and settings, to give you as natural images as possible. Suitable for any age or experience, the falconry staff will use a variety of both native and non-indigenous birds for you to photograph. It will be typically static and portrait shots that will be set up in this half day but there may be a little opportunity to capture some flying as the birds we use are all from our demonstration team.
The centre has created 5 dioramas under cover in our indoor flying arena, so if the weather is being typically British, there is still lots of chance for some great shots under the cover of the poly-tunnel.
With a mixture of raptors and owls, after you've had enough time to take pictures of each bird sat perched, the falconer will bring them even closer for you to take some close up portrait shots while the bird is sat on the glove.
This is a completely private session with a maximum of 6 photographers. Both flying arenas are kept restricted from the general public on these days, so you are able to take pictures from wherever you please while the birds are out for you to get the best shots.
The morning runs from 9.30 - 12.30pm and once ended, you are free to spend as long as you wish in the centre taking pictures of birds tethered out on the weathering lawn, in the aviaries and in the 1.30pm flying demonstration.


Price - £40.00 per person

Duration 3  hours

Ages 14 and over     

Spectator places - £10.00 per person. Includes admittance to the owl and wildlife centre


Junior Owl Experience


A great interactive taster session for the younger owl lovers.

This encounter gives the children a chance to fly an owl for themselves and experience the thrill of having these silent, magnificent creatures landing on their arm.

With a brief introduction to owls and how to handle them, they will be straight into the thick of the action. We start with one of the smaller species flying to their gloved hand and after gaining confidence with our little barn owl, we progress to a larger owl to re-ignite their excitement all over again.

The voucher includes admittance to the centre so feel free to take as much time as you like after the encounter to have a look at our fabulous collection of other birds and wildlife.


Price - £25.00 per child

Duration – 45 minutes

Ages 4 – 14

Maximum of 4 participants in a group.

Vouchers includes 1 free spectator. Other spectators priced at £5.00 per person.







Baytree Owl and Wildlife centre houses one of the largest collections of owls in the country, hosting nearly 70 birds. The newly created wildlife section comprises a variety of British animals to educate people on our native species.

This option gives your school group admission into the centre with a guided tour by one of our professional falconers. Then moving into the all weather flying arena, the children will be given an exciting and educational flying demonstration, covering lots of Key Stage topics such as prey and predator, night and day, flight, etc. The children will be able to experience these amazing birds in flight as they swoop over their heads and show off their unique ability to fly completely silently.

They will get to see a wide variety of different species from around the world in the flying display and this culminates in the children getting the opportunity to handle one of the owls for themselves.

The indoor arena can be used for snacks or refreshments,

Risk assessment and public liability available on request

Staff CRB checked.


Duration 1 ½ - 2 Hours

Price - £125.00

or call to book: 01406 372840





Available soon... please email us if you wish to be informed when these begin.


Our new wildlife section set within the centre is perfect to teach the children all about our native British animals.

This option provides the class with an educational yet exciting look into the wildlife species we have here in the UK. With an informative tour around the centre covering all the animals and birds we house here, the children will be able to get “up close and personal” with a lot of the animals.

From foxes and red squirrels to mice and rats we also have our little farmyard animals that the class can feed and stroke.

This session will also include pond dipping where the children can investigate the wonders of underwater life from our natural pond. The children will get a container to collect some pond water and then nets to scoop out any marine life they may find. They will get an identification sheet to be able to match up the animals and plants they find.

A very unique experience to be able to teach your class all about Britains wildlife.


Duration 1 ½ - 2 hours

Price - £125.00

  or call to book: 01406 372840


Option 3


Combination of option 1 and 2


Duration 3- 3 ½ hours


Price - £200

 or call to book: 01406 372840